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This is my breedables account, not my main account

To view my other work and writings visit my main account; :iconphlegmaticshadow:

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I am greatly annoyed that I actually had to resort to making this journal, but I am absolutely sick & tired of reading stories from prompts about the two characters falling madly in love after what appears to be a single meeting...! Unless the prompt given actually heavily hints towards a greater relationship, I don't want to see it! least of all read about it. The prompts were made to get away from these sorts of tales. As I know this is partially my fault especially on the Warriors sets, I will be color-coding the prompts from now on!
:bulletred: A greater relationship or "love scenes" are perfectly acceptable between the two main characters
:bulletblack: I don't want to see a greater relationship between the two characters...! At all!
:bulletwhite: A greater relationship which includes one of the primary characters of the prompt and a random secondary/tertiary character is perfectly accepted, but NOT between the two primary characters.

As a trick, think about the prompts as a random/chance encounter between the two primary characters.

"primary" characters = The two characters you are wanting to breed
"secondary" characters = Any other characters that appear in your tale and hold any kind of significance to the outcome of the tale.
"tertiary" characters = Characters which are mentioned or passingly seen, but don't really hold a significance to the outcome.

Unless the name hold significance or is another character in the Breedables set, I will not name secondary and tertiary characters. This means you can give them any name you desire if you choose to name them.

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, I can settle down and write out a journal entry that shall help with ALL of my prompts whether they be prompts for Warriors or prompts for Lion King! Here is your go-to!

Applies to all sets which use prompts as a payment option

- NOTE me the story, or post it in a new deviation on your account, do NOT post your stories in comments on the breeding set page!
- I don't care how long it is, so long as it consists of more than dialogue, and is written using the given prompt and information
- use description, think of the senses {sight, sound, scent, touch, and taste}
- put effort into your story, don't just throw something together
- Do NOT, and I repeat, do not write a story about the couple falling in love or having cubs! I have been lenient on this enough, no more, you do this and the prompt does not indicate such a story you will NOT get the cub/s until proper changes have been made.
- litter sizes will be random, you do not get to choose how many offspring you get
- genders are predetermined, you do not get to choose the gender of your offspring
- once the offspring are born you may change anything you like other than the appearance and gender. You cannot change the gender or appearance.

Applies to my Lion King prompts

- View the Pride Map for help on location and general size of the prides.
- You may notice that several prompts indicate a "Pride Gathering". This is a massive Gathering of all of the existing prides, the Prides migrate into the Pridelands and - more specifically - inhabit Priderock with the Pridelander lions for the duration of the Gathering. This Gathering usually takes several days and either consists of the whole pride or - if the pride in question happens to be a large pride - a select few lions from the pride attend the Gathering.
- The Pride Gathering is a time for Peace and allows the next generation to find mates and share news between prides.
- Mates can be found in any of the prides, it is not frowned upon for a lioness from one pride to mate with a lion from another, on the contrary it is quite appreciated as it brings new blood to the Pride. Should this happen, the lioness moves into the pride of her new mate to rear their young.
- Lionesses are not limited to a single mate and are often subject to bearing the cubs of any male in the pride, though they tend to have a "primary" mate who keeps the other lions at bay when the lioness is ready to bear new cubs.
- Each of the lesser Prides has a "King & Queen" called a "Lord & Lady", though these lions and lionesses hold a high standing amongst all the prides, and govern their own, they are still beneath the King & Queen of the Pridelands. As the largest, strongest, and most dominate Pride, the lesser prides simply rule their lands under the Pridelands without too many qualms. The Pridelander Pride has more than once proven that it is the most logical choice for this position and often falls down upon any uprising like a destroying storm, settling any dispute over the rule with a foul strike that eradicates the problem altogether. Even if it means eradicating an entire pride to do so.
- You may notice in the Prompts section, a new section for each prompt that reads "{opt.} Appearing Lions:" this is a completely optional part of your story, and includes any additional lions you may want to add in your tale. You may write your prompt in the prospective of these characters if you want to write in a different perspective, than the prompt may indicate, or the characters could just appear somewhere in your tale, you can also elect not to include these characters. If you are looking to lengthen your tale, these are good characters to include.

Applies to my Warriors prompts

- I will only ever use the primary four Clans of ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, & WindClan
- Each breedable will be given a Clan & rank, try to keep to this as best as you can. There is no reason to change a breedable's Clan, but the prompt may call for a change in rank. {e.g. A breedable's rank is leader, but the prompt indicates that the character is still a deputy or even so far back as to be a warrior apprentice}

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